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2016 Pigeon Lake LakeWatch Report.pdfSusan Ellis2.06MbNov 2nd, 2017
ABMI Pigeon Lake Phosphorus Modelling - final version - July 2017.pdfSusan Ellis1.3MbJul 27th, 2017
Lakewatch Report 2015-Pigeon.pdfSusan Ellis597.47KbMay 10th, 2017
TP and Chlorophyll 1985 to 2015.jpgSusan Ellis46.79KbDec 29th, 2016
TP and Chlorophyll 1985 to 2015.pngSusan Ellis35.87KbDec 29th, 2016
2015 PL Lakewatch Report.pdfSusan Ellis597.46KbDec 22nd, 2016
Daily Station Observations Aug 2016.pngSusan Ellis124.77KbAug 19th, 2016
2016 precipitation at Grandview.pngSusan Ellis60.41KbAug 19th, 2016
Elynne water sampling.jpgSusan Ellis32.33KbMay 25th, 2016
PL 2014 LakeWatch Report.pdfSusan Ellis844.99KbAug 18th, 2015
PigeonLakePhosphorousBudget-Jul08-2014-1.pdfSusan Ellis1.69MbJul 8th, 2015
Water for Life.pdfSusan Ellis1.19MbApr 11th, 2015
Foam on Surface Waters.pdfSusan Ellis1.32MbAug 18th, 2014
P Budget Exec Summary 1 pager July 26 2014.pdfSusan Ellis636.08KbJul 26th, 2014
2013PLWaterSedimentQuality-May2014-1.pdfSusan Ellis9.57MbJul 25th, 2014
Nutrient Sources Piecharts.pdfSusan Ellis106.33KbJul 22nd, 2014
Phosphorus Budget Executive Summary.pdfSusan Ellis636.04KbJul 22nd, 2014
PigeonLakePhosphorousBudget-Jul08-2014.pdfSusan Ellis1.69MbJul 21st, 2014
WQ Conditions & Long-Term Trends in AB Lakes.pdfSusan Ellis10.01MbJul 21st, 2014
P Budget Piecharts7-21-2014 4-36-46 PM.jpgSusan Ellis25.85KbJul 21st, 2014
P Budget Piecharts7-21-2014 4-36-46 PM.jpgSusan Ellis25.85KbJul 21st, 2014
Phosphorus Budget Ex Summary July 2014.pdfSusan Ellis638.81KbJul 21st, 2014
2013 PL Sediment Chemistry.pdfSusan Ellis357.13KbJul 21st, 2014
Total sources of nutrients.jpg.pngSusan Ellis9.91KbJul 17th, 2014
Int External percentages.jpg.pngSusan Ellis7.23KbJul 17th, 2014
July water temp 1973 to 2012.jpgSusan Ellis33.62KbJul 10th, 2014
PL June 13_July 10_2013 data sonde deep location.pngSusan Ellis33.19KbJul 9th, 2014
07 09 14_PL BGalgaeAdvisory.pdfSusan Ellis131.18KbJul 9th, 2014
ALMS 2013 Workshop - Pigeon Lake - C TeichrebScott Fisher4.02MbNov 25th, 2013
Blue Green Algae Gov Brochure.pdfSusan Ellis1.73MbAug 22nd, 2013
PLWA 2013 March Water Update.pdfSusan Ellis712KbMar 31st, 2013
Cover page LWatch Report 2011 se.JPGSusan Ellis14.78KbMar 31st, 2013
Lakewatch 2011.pngSusan Ellis24.5KbMar 30th, 2013
AHS Pigeon Lake, 2012 Beach Sampling Results 2.pdfSusan Ellis1.2MbMar 26th, 2013
2012 Pigeon Lake Watershed Water Quality Assessment.pdfSusan Ellis546.62KbMar 23rd, 2013
2002 Pigeon Lake Lakewatch Report.pdfSusan Ellis360.1KbMar 23rd, 2013
2010 Pigeon Lake LakeWatch Report.pdfSusan Ellis1.67MbMar 23rd, 2013
2011 Pigeon Lake LakeWatch Report.pdfSusan Ellis832.38KbMar 22nd, 2013
AE SRD Water Conversations Presentation Feb 2013.pdfSusan Ellis220.17KbMar 3rd, 2013
Water for Life Photo.JPGSusan Ellis34.92KbFeb 5th, 2013
PLWA Letter Min McQueen Synopsis Report Feb 4th, 2013 Final.pdfSusan Ellis215.75KbFeb 4th, 2013
PLWA Responses to BG Mgmt Options Report Jan 24 Final.pdfSusan Ellis521.66KbJan 24th, 2013
Water Management Plan Poster.pdfSusan Ellis549.76KbJan 19th, 2013
PLWA BG Management Options Summary Report Oct 11.pdfSusan Ellis631.45KbJan 13th, 2013
AE SRD Options to Control the Blue-Green Algae in PL.pdfSusan Ellis406.22KbOct 17th, 2012
guide_water-2012-guide_eau-eng.pdfSusan Ellis1MbSep 15th, 2012
Pigeon July water temperature graph 1973 to 2012.JPGSusan Ellis191.28KbSep 7th, 2012
Pigeon Lake Water Sample Points.jpgSusan Ellis366.42KbSep 6th, 2012
AHS Pres for PLWA AGM Aug 25 2012.pdfSusan Ellis2.42MbAug 30th, 2012
Presentation Lake Biology 101 Final.pdfScott Fisher5.03MbAug 23rd, 2012
Water Quality Conditions and Long-Term Trends in Alberta LakesScott Fisher10.01MbMay 22nd, 2012
Letter to AB Env re Fresh Water Injection - July 2008.pdfScott Fisher85.14KbApr 12th, 2012
Letter re Fertilizer & Pesticide Use - Feb 2010Scott Fisher55.97KbApr 2nd, 2012
Letter to AB Env. re Water Quality - Aug 2007Scott Fisher77.6KbApr 2nd, 2012
Letter to PLWA Members - Hydrologic AssessmentScott Fisher71.58KbApr 2nd, 2012
Presentation DTHR - Recreational Water - Role of the Health RegionScott Fisher282.41KbApr 2nd, 2012
Presentation AB Env. - Blue Green Algae FAQScott Fisher40.15KbApr 2nd, 2012
Presentation AB Env. - Water Quality MonitoringScott Fisher163.75KbApr 2nd, 2012
Presentation GOA - Alberta Lake Quality 2012Scott Fisher1.35MbApr 2nd, 2012
Water Quality - NSWA PresentationScott Fisher1.58MbApr 2nd, 2012
Water Quality Report 2007Scott Fisher384.96KbApr 2nd, 2012
Water Quality - Info 2007Scott Fisher120.26KbApr 2nd, 2012
Water Qualilty - Alberta Gov't Ensures Quality - Nov 2008Scott Fisher34.66KbApr 2nd, 2012
PLWA 2012 March Water Update.pdfSusan Ellis83.2KbMar 7th, 2012
Water Quality Update - Mar 2012Susan Ellis83.26KbMar 6th, 2012

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