Watermere Resort Development

Revised May 2014 Watermere Resort Application

Survey now closed. 345 people completed on behalf of about 968 people.

The next hearing date was not set.  The PLWA, Leduc Planners and Dansol met.  PLWA reviewed our concerns and requested further information.  The PLWA never did receive the information requested and Dansol did not pursue the application.  


The Leduc County Council accepted the Dansol Int'l's 2014 LASP (Local Area Structure Plan (a development application)) for their 1st reading on March 25th.  This was revised and resubmitted to the Leduc County Council May 27th, 2014.  This application is for the same location as was their application in 2012 that was turned down.  Find further details below.

Quick overview of the revised 2014 application: 

Situated just north of Tide Creek, in the northwest corner of Pigeon Lake watershed, in Leduc County, the proposed development would have the footprint of approximately 252 NFL football fields, in one of two key peatland areas. It could include living, recreation and commercial areas.  Approximately 916 properties would be added: 579 single family units; 140 multi-units dwellings (duplexes or townhouses); and 197 high density condominium type properties could add a population about that of Thorsby to the watershed.  An executive golf course, tennis and basketball courts, a kids parks, and other potential recreation facilities.

More below - Information on the Project.
new revised Watermere Resort Application
The PLWA will be sending a
survey to watershed residents to considerations and perspectives to present to the Leduc County Council.  The PLWA will be making a submission to the Council and is working with a number of groups to help ensure that all the key concerns of residents will be substantiated or questioned, and presented at the Public Hearing.

What can you do? 

1.  Get Connected with the PLWA, receive updates and healthy-lake inform. Sign-up at plwa.ca    

2.  Attend the Open House on June 23rd & give comments - highlights of the comments will be submitted to the Leduc County Council.  (See below the what was submitted in 2012)

3.  Complete the PLWA survey.

4.  Send a letter or emails – can do up to 48 hours before Public Hearing.  Submitt your comments to:  

Glenn Belozer, Division 6 County Councillor
Office: 780-955-4566780-955-4566
Home: 780-848-7660780-848-7660

D’Anne O’Keefe, Manager of Current Planning

Please cc The Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

All Leduc County Councillors have a vote, so you may wish to cc them:

Rick Smith Div 1: ricks@leduc-county.com

Clay Stumph Div 2: clay@leduc-county.com
John Schonewille Div 3: john@leduc-county.com
Mayor John Whaley Div 4: johnw@leduc-county.com
Tanni Doblanko Div 5: tanni@leduc-county.com
Audrey Kelto Div 7: audrey@leduc-county.com

Latest Updates                                 

September Update

The Watermere Resort Local Area Structure Plan consulting group held an Open House June 23, 2014. 

Dansol Int'l requested to meet with the PLWA and three Directors met with the Dansol President and Consultant on June 27th.  The PLWA had made the caveat that the Leduc County Senior Planner be in attendance and that minutes of the meeting be taken.  Leduc County's Senior Planner and Special Projects Planner both attended. 

At that meeting PLWA made a clear statement that we were there to clarify and outline our concerns, not to be a partner or a collaborator.  It was a constructive exchange.  In that meeting the PLWA explained that due to the size (perhaps the largest lake development proposal in Alberta), and proximity to the lake it is not a regular development; that more information is needed on how it is to be constructed and that the County can legally request more information.  The PLWA requested further information, including a pre and post water resource assessment.  Dansol offered to forward some geotech and historical resource documents to support further discussion.  To date the PLWA has not received any further information.

Since that meeting, and with the comments from the Open House held
June 23, 2014 and other input received, the County has conducted a full review of the latest submission dated May 27th, 2014.  They have provided comments back to the Developer. 

At this time, a public hearing date has yet to be established.  At such time the developer chooses to proceed with the Public Hearing, the hearing will be advertised as well as circulated to all agencies and adjacent landowners within the area. 

Anyone can make a submission up to 48 hours before the Public Hearing.

Charlene Haverland, is the Senior Planner, Planning and Development Department, and is providing PLWA with updates and
details regarding the project status.  Charlene can be reached at 780-979-2114780-979-2114

Alberta Fish and Game Submission Letter April 17, 2014  &  Past Emails sent to Leduc County Planning Staff and past councillor Ruth Harrison

July 26th Update

  • The date for the Public Hearing has not been set.  Earliest possible date August 26th - Council meetings are on Tuesdays so September 2nd
  • Still no hearing date set.  The County has hired additional planning staff.  They start next week.  They will be assigned the Watermere Resort Application and will conduct a full review of it.   We suspect that could be because it is such a complex development that they wish to have done their due diligence to better support the decision of the Council. 
  • The PLWA is working on their submission.

June 13th Update

  • The PLWA was simply missed from the list of organizations invited to make a submission to the Leduc County.
  • There will be a minimum of one month between the Open House on June 23rd and the Public Hearing.   The developer is to collect comments at the Open House, these are to be shared with Leduc County.  Revisions are to be made to the application based on the comments of people attending the Open House.
  • Anyone can make a submission up to 48 hours before the Public Hearing.

June 6th Update

  • Leduc County received a revised Local Area Structure Plan (Application) from Dansol Int'l and the application is now going ahead.
  • Open House Monday June 23rd, 2014 between 6:00pm and 9:00pm at the Thorsby Community Hall, 4813-49 St, Thorsby, for public review and comment on the plan.
  • More information regarding the process, dates, submissions, and what changes are in the new revisions will be posted as available.

May Updates

  • The Leduc County Council has requested that an Open House be held.  Initially, it was stated that this would happen early May, however the Leduc County planning staff has requested more information be provided by Dansol Int'l.  The planning staff will not schedule the open house until this information has been received. 
  • In the meantime, the PLWA has an action plan and is collecting information about the concerns we have, many environmental concerns similar to the first application and since the water services (sewage, drinking and stormwater) have changed we are looking for more information beyond what is provided in the application on how they will provide both the temporary and long-term services.

  • The PLWA will be sending out a short survey to members and watershed residents to help ensure that the PLWA can underscore for the council the type and extent of concerns of the PLWA members.  This will happen following the open house. 
  • The open house information date and location will be posted and emailed to all connected with the PLWA as soon as we hear from the County.   
  • Individual Advocacy:  A few people have reviewed the application and sent their concerns to the County and to us.  The PLWA appreciates all the individual efforts and appreciates receiving copies.  Thanks!


Support Documentation


The 2012 Watermere Resort application was turned down.  This information is below, some of it still applies.  The submissions from the PLWA also included a number of concerns from our review that apply as well as the concerns from members that are included in the appendix of the first PLWA submission. 

Please see the PLWA Campaign:  Wrong Place? Wrong Design? Wrong Time? with the accompanying Submissions (1st and 2nd) listed below, along with some diagrams.  At the back of our first submission is an appendix with the Pigeon Lake Watershed members and residents concerns.  Much of this campaign will still apply. 


Information from the 2012 Application Below

Dansol International Inc. applied to the County of Leduc for the approval of a Local Area Structure Plan (LASP) to create the Watermere Resort – a very sizeable development (equal to 252 NFL Football fields) that if approved will have a number of significant environmental, economic and social impacts at Pigeon Lake. 

The Leduc County held a Public Hearing on June 12th in Nisku Recreation Centre.  Council voted 5-2 to deny the application.  The PLWA applauds the Councils decision, although this does not preclude future applications.  Now we need to ensure the area gets fully protected!

View the PLWA 2nd Submission for the Public Hearing: "Wrong Place? Wrong Design? Wrong Time?"

View the PLWA Watermere Resort Public Hearing Presentation

Downlad the full PLWA Submission to the County of Leduc below.

PLWA Submission

The PLWA reviewed the plans and submitted to the County of Leduc our concerns with the proposed development. We have included in our submission the notes and letters we have received from people who live part and full time around the lake. 

Download the PLWA 1st Submission to County of Leduc regarding the Watermere Development Local Area Structure Plan.

You may still send your comments to info@pigeonlakewatershedassociation.com, as we will continue to do our best to make the County aware of the communities feelings towards this project.

Below are other Letter's written to County of Leduc or Dansol International regarding the Watermere Development:

 1. Letter to Leduc County from Wabamun Watershed Management Council - Feb 14 2012

 2. Letter to Dansol International from Summer Village of Itaska Beach - April 24 2012

 3. Letter to County of Leduc from Alberta Fish and Game - Jan 16 2012

 4. Letter to Leduc County from some of the Summer Villages - Jan 20, 2012

Information on the Project

WHERE is the development?

This proposed development would be located in Leduc County, behind Gillwood Beach on the Fisher home site, adjacent to the Zeiner RV Park.


WHAT will the devleopment contain?

This proposed 300 acre resort community includes 1,149 dwellings (single family, multi-family and mixed use), commercial area, hotel and spa. Given the scope and size of the proposed development, it could potentially double the population of our watershed within several years.

PLWA has already identified many concerns that we will work to see addressed prior to its approval.


Comments and concerns may also be directed to the County of Leduc.

D’Anne O’Keefe
Manager of Current Planning

Glenn Belozer
Office: 780-955-4566780-955-4566
Phone: 780-848-7660780-848-7660
Division 6 County Councillor



  1. The Pipestone Flyer - June 21, 2012 Pigeon Lake Development Denied
  2. The Leduc Rep and the Devon Dispath both carried this report - June 15, 2012 Watermere Resort application denied by Leduc County council
  3. Pipestone Flyer - April 12, 2012: Resort Proposal Open House Sparks Questions.
  4. Pipestone Flyer - April 13, 2012: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Design.
  5. Edmonton Journal - March 23, 2012: Plan for resort ruffles feathers at Pigeon Lake.  


  1. Watermere Local Area Structure Plan and supporting documents
  2. PLWA Sustainable Development Principles
  3. North Pigeon Lake Area Structure Plan
  4. Watermere BioPhysical Overlay
  5. Watermere Geotech Overlay
  6. Leduc County Committee of the Whole Watermere LASP Report
  7. List of documents on the Leduc County website regarding the Watermere Development


  1. Dansol International Website
  2. Dansol - Preliminary Geotechnical Report
  3. Dansol - Environmental Assessment
  4. Dansol - Biophysical Assessment
  5. Dansol - Utility Servicing Strategy
  6. Dansol - Watermere LASP Summary of Landowner Letters
  7. Dansol - Summary of Public Input
  8. Dansol - Open House Comments


  1. Dansol International submitted the Watermere Resort application to the Leduc County at the end of 2011.
  2. The Leduc County invited a dozen organizations and governments to submit written submissions to the Leduc County in response to the application.  The PLWA was included - deadline was January 31, 2012 then extended.  We think 73 submissions were made.
  3. Dansol International presentation to Leduc Council regarding the Watermere application - January 26, 2012
  4. The PLWA teeam met with the Dansol planners to ask questions and to get answers.
  5. Dansol Public Open House - Watermere Local Area Structure Plan - was held on March 26, 2012 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  (#'s 7 & 8 above)
  6. Leduc Planners reviewed the application and produced their report to the Leduc County Committee of the Whole this found many deficiencies and their statement was that the application was premature  (#6 above)
  7. Leduc Count Publie Hearing - June 12th, 2012 at the Nisku Recreation Centre
  8. The Council decided to deny the application at this meeting.
  9. Dansol can reapply with a modified application. 


PLWA will update this web page with information as it becomes available.

Please forward this to others whom may be interested.


Please know that this is part of PLWA’s continuing efforts to monitor and encourage sustainable development activates within our watershed. A PLWA Membership ensures that you will be included in communications. If you are not already a member, it is easy to join.  Click here for membership information


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