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Pigeon Lake Watershed Association
P.O. Box 1353
Calmar, Alberta
T0C 0V0

Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

The PLWA is a charitable, non-profit environmental advocacy group made up of people who live, work and play in Pigeon Lake and its Watershed. 

The PLWA partners with residents, groups and governments willing to step up because we are the lake stewards. Together we are enhancing the health of the watershed and lake... the place we cherish!

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Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan

 The Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan, rooted in science & endorsed by the municipalities, is our road map for change.

Visit to review the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan (the "PLAN"). Key watershed actions and information for the health of the lake!  


Featured Upcoming Events:

Pancake Breakfast, Open House, AGM
July 27th - 8:30-12pm - Lakedell Ag Society

Mulhurst Daze Parade
August 3rd - 10:30-3pm - Mulhurst Bay

Love The Lake Family Fun Day
August 10th - 11-2pm - Pigeon Lake Provincial Park

Summer 2019 Events Calendar

Silent Auction

The Pigeon Lake Watershed Association has partnered with the Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society (PLAS) to form the Bird Box and Biodiversity Program. Birdhouses are important for our community                                                                                           ...Learn More

The following items are up for auction:

Current bids from left to right:

Bob Marley the Pelican” : $80
Bob Stevenson – Birds of the River

"Warm Water" Medium Hand Crafted Quilt : $50
Margaret Hrynew

Cattails” : $80 
Margot Soltice – Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Cheep Rent” : $75
Gail Farewell – Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

“In Progress” : $75
Dale Shuttleworth – Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Twitter: $50 
Marcia Schmidt– Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Clothesline” : $80
Penny Stokes– Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Bidding will continue until July 27, 2019. The birdhouse will be on display at events throughout the month to help promote biodiversity around Pigeon Lake. Participants can bid at the follow venues:   

PLWA Booth at the Lakedell Farmers Market
Friday July 5th, July12th, 19th and 26th

PLWA Pancake Breakfast and AGM
Lakedell Ag Society, July 27th (Bid closes at 10 am) 

Successful bids will be announced July 27 at 11 am. Items should be picked up on the same day by noon. If absent, PLWA will contact the successful bidder to organize pick up.

What You Need for Clean Runoff!

Learn from the Clean Runoff Action Guide about the importance of clean runoff.  Evaluate your lot runoff, and choose what you want to do!

ADD NATIVE PLANTS! View the Native Pollinator picture filled guide and use the quick reference Native Plant List for the height, colour, sun/shade and blooming times. 

ADD NATIVE GRASS or CLOVER to your lawn! 250 gm pkg for 1500 ft. 

Use RAIN BARRELS to water plants; catch and redirect the overflow to trees/deep rooted plants. Includes overflow hose, spout and mosquito filter.

Visit PLWA Staff at the Lakedell Farmers Market fridays from 4-7pm for more information.


Nature Alberta’s Living by the Water, Love your Shoreline Assessments (Norris and Itaska)


Aquatic Invasive Species Strategy 


2017-18 Annual Report !!


AB Gov Pigeon Lake Shoreline Assessment
 Presented at the PLWA AGM

Key Highlights 


2018 APLM & PLWA Newsletter!


PLWA 2018 AGM & Open House
- August 11
AGM Agenda
Report to Members - Financials and Progress
PLWMP Progress / Update
Shoreline Restoration Project Presentation


Annual Report with 2017 Highlights HOT off the press!



See the Winter Newsletter - posted December 31st 2017!


336 people completed the 2017 Clean Runoff Survey on behalf of at least 751 people.  Thank-you everyone!


Read the PLAN Engagement Update - Results SO FAR.


The Pigeon Lake Draft "PLAN" Survey is closed. Thanks to everyone filled in the survey.  The draft "Plan" can be seen at  


Watch the
Video with your neighbours opinions about why we ALL need to participate in the Clean Runoff Program for the lake.


2017 Leaders Session


2017 Spring Joint Pigeon Lake Newsletter!

2016 Winter Joint PLWA/APLM Newsletter!


2015 Lakewatch Report 

Our annual water monitor program   

    PLWA Annual 2015-16 Report 
    New Friendly Format


Ma-Me-O Lake Garden July 24!

PLWA 2016 AGM 
01 - Welcome & 02 Financials
03 - Members Report
04 - APLM 'In-Lake Update'
05 - PLWMP Update & Clean Runoff Guide Action Launch
06 - Intro to the Clean Runoff Action Guide
07 - Clean Runoff Actions On-the-Ground

Mission Beach Demonstration Garden July 9th!
See more photos in the Gallery!


Preliminary Draft ALBERTA Clean Runoff Action Guide Released at the PLWA AGM! 


Rain Barrel Campaign!   We are adding at least 57 rain rain barrels to our watershed to catch and direct to deep rooted plants to clean and slowly enter the lake - clean!!

If you ordered your Rain Barrel before July 23 you can pick up July 30th at Lakedell.

Great turnout at the Annual Leaders Session!!

 “I saw the agents for change come together.  I see action.  It is going to take time, but this group is headed in the right direction.”   Mark Smith, MLA for Pigeon Lake


Did you read the March 25th Progress Report


Did you see?   The latest overview on the work being done by the Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities and the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association   APLM - What Weve Done Brochure - November 2015.pdf


  Great session with some of the local Pigeon Lake landscape professionals  December 11th!      See presentation. 


  Missed the latest Wastewater Update

  PLWMP Cosmetic Fertilizer Survey Results
posted on

The Model Land Use Bylaw: Lakeshore Environmental Development Provisions (for land use within 800 metres from the shore) now finalized.  The PLWA encourages the use of this as a reference document for any new developments or lot re-developments and/or bylaw reviews. 


Protect Pigeon Lake from Aquatic Invasive Species !

Learn more about AIS!


When it Comes to Water We're All Connected

2014 Year End Homesite Living By Water Report

  • The LbW Homesite Consultation is A FREE SERVICE for all watershed residents to learn how to be a good lake steward. The report highlights how we are doing to become a lake friendly watershed community.

  • View more information on Homesite Consultation


Interested in Water Quality?

Then you'll be interested in the PLWA Summary Report on Methods for the Control of Nuisance Blue-green Algae (Cyanobacteria). It provides an Executive Summary; root causes of B-G Algae, details of the PLWA work, and what we are currently advocating for. As well, there is a detailed review of the work done on each of the options.

This Report was completed, in part, to the request for feedback, following the release of the AB Env/Sustainable Resources Development Report: Lake and Watershed Management Options for the Control of Nuisance Blue-Green Algal (Cyanobacteria) Blooms in Pigeon Lake, Alberta, 2012.

You may also be interested in the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development report by Chris Teichreb: From Monitoring to Management: Working Towards Maintaining and Improving Water Quality at Pigeon Lake

Map of Pigeon Lake

Upcoming Events

July 2019
Saturday 27th
8:30am Pancake Breakfast, Open House & AGM 2019
August 2019
Saturday 10th
11am Love The Lake Family Fun Day

Report Invasive Species

If you have questions about watercraft inspections or to report invasive species please call AEP at:



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